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Moby Lines Ferry Tickets from Ferryprice.com

To book your Moby Lines ferry ticket simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the date selection page where you can obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

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Moby Lines Ferry Tickets - Check Moby Prices and Book Online

Moby Lines is an Italian shipping company that operates ferries and cruiseferries between the Italian mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica. The company was founded in 1959 under the name Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino. In 2006 Moby Lines purchased Lloyd Sardegna. The company is known for using Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters as the external livery of its ships.

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Moby Lines - Further Information on Moby Ferry Services

  Moby Lines Ferries

Moby Lines started as NAVARMA was founded in 1959 by Achille Onorato, and started traffic from Sardinia to the islands on coast of Sardinia with the small ferry M/S Maria Maddalena purchased from Denmark. In February 1966 NAVARMA purchased a second ferry, M/S Bonaficio, and started service between Sardinia and Corsica.

The company slowly expanded, purchasing another ferry in 1967 and taking delivery of two newbuilds in 1974 and 1981. With the larger fleet, new routes to the Italian mainland were also introduced.

In 1982 the company acquired M/S Free Enterprise II from Townsend Thoresen, renamed her M/S Moby Blu and painted her in the "blue whale" livery that later came to characterise Moby Lines (the company name still remained NAVARMA at this point). The Moby Blu was over twice the size of NAVARMA's previously largest ship. By 1988 four additional larger ferries (all with Moby-prefixed names) had joined by NAVARMA fleet and additional routes to the Italian mainland were opened.

During the early 1990s NAVARMA acquired further used ferries, which replaced the Moby ferries acquired ni the 1980s. During the same time "Moby Lines" was adopted as the official company name. From 1996 onwards the company fleet has grown radically with addition of new, larger and faster tonnage, including the newbuilt fast cruiseferries Moby Wonder, Moby Freedom and Moby Aki. Around 2003 Moby Lines entered an agreement with Warner Bros. to paint their vessels in liveries featuring Looney Tunes characters. However, only the larger ships have such liveries, the company's smaller ships either have similar graphics not featuring the Looney Tunes characters, or simply the Moby Lines' whale logo.

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Moby Lines Routes

Sardinia - Livorno-Olbia-Livorno

Sardinia - Genoa-Olbia-Genoa

Sardinia - Genoa-Porto Torres-Genoa

Sardinia - Civitavecchia-Olbia-Civitavecchia

Sardinia - Piombino-Olbia-Piombino

Corsica - Livorno-Bastia in only 4 hours.

Corsica - Genoa-Bastia in only 5 hours with Moby Wonder and Moby Freedom..

Sardinia via Corsica - Bonifacio and S and Teresa di Gallura

Piombino - Portoferraio, Elba.

Moby Lines Fleet

Discover Moby's exciting fleet of high quality vessels. You can't miss a Moby ship with their special ship decor.

Moby Aki

Moby Aki is a Fast Cruise Ferry that measures 175 meters long, 27 meters broad. Moby Aki can hold 2080 passengers and over 700 vehicles. The vessel travels at 29knots and is fully stableized. Moby Aki is fully air conditioned throughout 300 cabins with private facilities, hair dryer and radio are available to book as well as junior suites for 4 persons, area equipped with coach seats, panaromic show lounge, 4 cafeterias, à la carte restaurant, self-service restaurant, pizzapoint, snackbar, children's play area, pool, sundeck, sport bar and even a kennel for domestic pets, stabilizers. The vessel is ISPS certified (International Ship and Port facility Security code). Sides decorated with "Looney Tunes".

Moby Wonder

Moby Wonder is a Fast Cruise Ferry that measures 175 meters long, 27 meters broad. Moby Wonder can also hold 2080 passengers and over 700 vehicles. Again, the vessel travels at 29knots and is fully stableized. Facilities resemble the same as offered on board Moby Aki. See above

Moby Freedom

Moby Freedom has exactly the same spec as Moby Aki and Moby Wonder. See Above.

Moby Drea

Moby Drea is also Fast Cruise Ferry and is 185 meters long and 27 meters broad. The capacity 1900 passengers, 500 vehicles.
The fully stableized vessel travels at 27 knots. Services include Air-conditioning, 400 cabins private facilities, V-class cabins and suites with bathroom, TV, radio, frigobar, hair dryer. Restaurant à la carte, self-service restaurant, pizzapoint, admiral pub, gelateria, swimming pool with solarium and bar, show lounge, children's world with video games and maxi-screenTV, panoramic bar, area equipped with coach seats. ISPS certification. As with Moby Aki, Wonder and Freedom the sides of the vessel are decorated with "Looney Tunes".

Moby Otta

Moby Otta has exactly the same spec as Moby Drea. See above

Moby Tommy

Moby Tommy is Moby's biggest vessel. Again it is a Fast Cruise Ferry, 212 m long and 25m broad that travels at speeds of speed 30 knots. The vessel holds 2200 passengers and 1000 vehicles. Services include: cabins with private facilities, coach seats, à la carte restaurant, self-service restaurant, pizzapoint, gelateria, cafeteria, sport bar, admiral pub, children's world with video games and maxi-screen TV, shop, pool with sundeck, heliport. Big area "CAMPING ON BOARD". satellite connection for SKY sport and entertainment TV, stabilizers and air-conditioning. ISPS-Code certification. Moby Tommy's sides are again decorated with "Looney Tunes" decor.

Moby Fantasy

Moby Fantast is a standard Cruise Ferry that is 142 meters long, 22 meters broad, carries 1200 passengers and can hold 400 vehicles. Services on board Moby Fantasy include Cafeteria, piano bar withlive music, restaurant, self-service restaurant, swimming pool,children's pool, panoramic veranda, boutique, children's play room "HAPPY MOBY", cabins with private facilities and radio, air conditioning, stabilizers, kennels for domestic pets, area equipped with coach seats. Satellite for SKY televison. Looney Toon side decor.

Moby Vincent

Moby Vincent is a cruise Ferry that's 120 meters long and 22 meters broad. She holds 1600 passengers and 570 vehicles. Services include a Bar, cafeteria, self-servicerestaurant, boutique, shop, video games, cabins, coach seats,children's play room, sundeck, lidobar, air conditioning,stabilizers, kennels for domestic pets. ISPS certification. Satellite televison. Sides are decorated with Looney Tunes.

Moby Love

Moby Love is a standard ferry that measures 115 meters long and 19 meters broad. The vessel holds 1200 passengers and 250 vehicles. Services include bar, pizzapoint, snack-bar, boutique, lidobar,coach seats, children's play room "HAPPY MOBY", video games, sundeck, air conditioning, stabilizers. Moby Love has unique sides decorated according to a project signed by Mordillo.

Moby Ale

Moby Ale is one of the smaller vessels of the Moby Fleet at 93 meters long, 16 meters broad. Capacity is 800 passengers and 160 vehicles.
Services on board Moby Ale include a large area games for children called HAPPY MOBY, snack-bar, cafeteria, shop, sundeck, stabilizers. The first ship in the Mediterranean to have dedicated 30% of its space to children. The Sides are decorated according to the project signed by EttoreSottsass jr.

Moby Lally

Moby Lally is a standard ferry that is 119 meters long and 19 meters broad. Capacity of Lally is 1150 passengers and 300 vehicles. Services include a bar, snack-bar, cafeteria, self-service restaurant, boutique,children's play room, sundeck, air conditioning, stabilizers. Sides decorated according to a project signed by Projekt Silver.

M/N Bastia and M/N Giraglia

These vessels both are 75 meters long and 13 meters broad. These are the smallest vessels in the Moby fleet. Capacity is 400 passengers and 100 vehicles. Services on board include bar, snack-bar,video games, sundeck, air conditioning throughout and stabilizers. As with all Moby vessels both vessels have ISPS certification.

Moby Baby

Moby Baby is 101 meters long, 18 meters broad. Capacity of Moby Baby is 1100 passengers and 220 vehicles. Services include snack-bar,lidobar, children's play room, video games, cafeteria, boutique, mega screen TV, stabilizers, air conditioning and sundeck. Sides decorated according to the project signed by Ettore Sottsass jr.

Moby M.G.O.

Moby MGO is a RO-PAX Ferry that is 186m long and 25m broad. Capacity is 1000 passengers and 200 vehicles. MGO tavels at speeds of 24 knots. Services on board include cabins with private facilities, self-service restaurant, bar, cafeteria, gelateria, satellite TV, shop, videogames, stabilizers and air-conditioning. There is dedicated space on board to on board camping a new service offered by Moby.

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