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Fastnet Line Swansea Cork Ferries - Now available t book online at Ferry Price
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Book a ferry to France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and other destinations all over Europe

Avoid airport transfers and luggage restrictions by travelling by ferry. With modern cruise ferry standards better than ever your holiday starts the moment you step on board. Whether you're looking to book a simple channel crossing or a long distance mini cruise to Spain, FerryPrice.com is the place to be for all your ferry requirements. Search and compare prices across over 60 operators and 800 routes to find the best ferry service for you.

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FerryPrice.com is your one stop shop for ferry tickets across the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe. To see all available sailings from ports in the UK and Ireland simply select a port from the interactive ferry map on the right.

Ferry Price makes booking ferries easy. As we work with all ferry operators we save you time as you can search for the cheapest ferry crossings all in one place by comparing prices and services between all the various ferry operators serving any particular route. In addition to Ferry Services we also offer cheap Eurostar & Eurotunnel tickets.

We work directly with ferry operators large and small, right across Europe. In total we offer services from over 60 ferry operators including all the big names such as P&O Ferries, Stena Line, Irish Ferries and Wightlink. No matter when or where you want to go by ferry Ferryprice.com can take you there at fantastic low, online prices!

Travelling by ferry offers a fantastic alternative to flying. There are no luggage restrictions so you can pack as much as you like, on most services you can take your car with you meaning additional transfers to your destination and with the excellent standards on modern ferries, your holiday starts the moment you step onboard!

Book your ferry crossing online at Ferry Price today and SAVE!!

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