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To book your Superfast ferry ticket simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the date selection page where you can obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

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Superfast Ferries

Following the closure of it's North Sea route between Zeebrugge in Belgium and Rosyth in Scotland Superfast now operate all their services in the Adriatic Sea.

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  Superfast Ferry

Superfast Ferry Tickets - Book Superfast Ferries Online

Superfast Ferries is a Greece-based ferry company founded in 1993 by Pericles Panagopulos and Alexander Panagopulos. Together with Blue Star Ferries, it is a subsidiary company of Attica Group. Superfast Ferries offer passenger and freight connections between Greece and Italy in the Adriatic Sea. Superfast Ferries ceased to operate the Rosyth Zeebrugge ferry route in September 2008. This service is now operated by Norfolk Line - Click Here to go to the Norfolk Line Page

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In the Adriatic Sea, Superfast Ferries operates four modern ferries offering daily connections from the Greek ports of Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu to the Italian ports of Ancona and Bari and have held the number one position in the transportation of passengers in the region for many years.

Prior to September 2008 Superfast were the only company offering connections between Scotland and Belgium. The importance of this route has been discussed on many occasions which led to Norfolkline reopening the route.

Superfast Ferries Fleet

Superfast I - A new vessel introduced in 2008. Another vessel had previously occupied the Superfast I name. Superfast I was built in Italy, has capacity for 950 and 8 decks.
Superfast V - Superfast V was built in Germany back in 2001. It is the second largest type of vessel that Superfast offer in terms of passenger capacity with a maximum holding of 1595 passengers on 10 decks.
Superfast VI - An identical vessel to Superfast V
Superfast XI - The largest vessel in the Superfast fleet. With a maximum holding of 1639 passengers on it's 10 decks. She was built in 2002 in Germany.
Superfast XII - An identical vessel to Superfast XI.
Blue Horizon - Blue Horizon comes from Superfast Ferries sister company, Blue Star Ferries. The vessel was built in Japan and holds 1500 passengers on it's 9 decks.

Superfast Ferries Routes

Following the closure of it's North Sea route Superfast now operate in the Adriatic Sea alone.


  Current Superfast Routes

Superfast Ferries History and Information

In the past Superfast Ferries has operated lines in several parts of Europe, on the Adriatic Sea, North Sea, and the Baltic sea. But currently they are only active in the Adriatic sea. The last of the routes to be withdrawn was Superfast's North Sea Route. On the 29 May 2008 it was announced that Superfast Ferries would withdraw from the North Sea service. The service was subsequently withdrawn on 13 September 2008. The North Sea service was mainland Scotland's only year round, direct, scheduled ferry service to and from Continental Europe. The vessel used was MS Blue Star 1, which replaced the larger MS Superfast X on the route. Blue Star I has been reallocated to Attica's Mediterranean services.

Superfast History

Following a few months of inactivity, Norfolkline Ferries have now taken on the Rosyth Zeebrugge, North Sea route.

In Winter 2005, Superfast ferries removed one of the two ships operating the link between Zeebrugge and Rosyth, thus turning the daily link from Belgium to Scotland into one operated only every other day. Superfast IX joined the two ship operation between Hanko and Rostock to serve the growing demand in the Finland - Germany service. In April 2006, Superfast and Attica once more took the market by surprise by agreeing to sell the Superfast VII, Superfast VIII and Superfast IX ice-class ferries to Estonian operator Tallink for €310 million.

In addition, Superfast introduced a new "roll-on roll-off" (RoRo) service between Uusikaupunki and Rostock in January of 2005. Attica has since moved one of the RO/RO ships RORO MARIN to there Adriatic Sea routes.

In August 2006 Attica enters into an agreement to sell to Veolia Transport its ice-class vessel Superfast X previously operating between Scotland and Belgium for € 112mln. The delivery of Superfast X took place in January 2007 and she has since been renamed Jean Nicoli.

In September of 2007, Pericles Panagopulos, the key shareholder of Attica, decided to sell his participation for € 5.50 per share to Marfin Investment Group. The move was seen as a "family transition" decision and was interpreted to be an exit for the 72 year-old investor. Alexander Panagopulos, CEO of Attica, resigned prior to this sale and founded his shipping company by the name Arista Shipping S.A.

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