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MV Eurovoyager Ferry

To book your ferry ticket onboard MV Eurovoyager or any other Transeuropa Ferries simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the booking page where you can select you exact requirements for your journey and obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

Transeuropa Ferries Ferry MV Eurovoyager

Transeuropa Ferries MV Eurovoyager - Further Ferry Information and Vessel Description

The Eurovoyager is a freight and passenger ferry which is owned and operated by Transeuropa Ferries. The MV Eurovoyager currently operates on the route between Ostend in Belgium and Ramsgate in the South East of England. The Eurovoyager was launched by Belliard Hoboken as the Prins Albert in 1978 for Regie voor Maritiem Transport Belgie on their Ostend to Dover route. In 1994 she was transferred to the Ostend Ramsgate route In 1998 she was bought by Denval Marine Consultants and renamed Eurovoyager. For full information on Transeuropa Ferries - Click Here.

Part of the Transeuropa Ferries Ferry Fleet MV Eurovoyager

She was chartered to Sally Line in the same year, but was only used for a few months as in November of the same year she was transferred to Transeuropa Ferries for use on their Ostend Ramsgate route. In July 2009, a Marine Accident Investigation Branch report revealed that Eurovoyager had regularly been operated with her watertight doors open, in breach of maritime regulations.

MF Eurovoyager was originally built in 1980. Larkspar can hold up to 350 cars and up to 1326 passengers. When crossing Eurovoyager travels at a speed of 22 kn. Eurovoyager was built at Schichau-Unterweser, Bremerhaven in Germany. The vessel, with it's long history, still continues to offer an efficiaent reliable service between Ramsgate in the South East of England and Ostend in Belgium.

Transeuropa Ferries MV Eurovoyager Ferry Statistics

  • Length - 118.4 m
  • Breadth - 23.32 m
  • Draught - 5.05 m
  • Speed - 21 knots
  • Engines - 2 x Pielstick 18PC2V400
  • Built - 1978
  • Yard - Belliard Hoboken
  • Cars - 354
  • Passengers - 1400