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Transeuropa Ferries

LD Lines

Transeuropa Ferries Routes
Ostend *

Transeuropa Ferries Ports

* UPDATE - 2 daily crossings now
offered onboard dedicated
passenger vessel Ostend Spirit
in partnership with LD Lines

Transeuropa Ferries Ramsgate - Ostend Route

Transeuropa Ferries Routes, History and Fleet Information

Transeuropa Ferries offer a single passenger ferry route between the ports of Ramsgate in South East England and Ostend on the Coast of Belgium. This route is the only direct channel ferry route between the UK and Belgium. Transeuropa Ferries offer a frequent ferry service with up to 6 crossings daily.

Transeuropa Ferries are owned by Transeuropa Shipping Lines who offer many freight ferry operations around Europe. Transeuropa Ferries have been offering their passenger services since 2001.

Transeuropa Ferries and LD Lines

following the success of the route have recently come to an agreement to offer joint passenger services with LD Lines offering services onboard the passenger based vessel Ostend Spirit (formally Norman Spirit). Ostend Spirit operates two return sailings each day, with a crossing time of four hours. The newly named Ostend Spirit continues to operate under the British flag and is branded in LD Lines’ and Transeuropa Ferries’ colours.

Ramsgate is one of the UK's better connected ports and has a dedicated port road link to the largely dual carriageway A249, near to the M2 motorway. The Port of Ostend links conveniently to the A10/E40 motorway beginning just 200m from the Transeuropa ferry terminal. The port of Ostend geographically is very well placed for connections from the Benelux, Germany and Eastern European countries.

Transeuropa Ferries Fleet

TransEuropa Ferries operate a fleet of 7 vessels. All vessels offer comfortable surroundings with all offering bar and restaurant facilities. Vessels offer cabins for those looking for private facilities and passengers can also enjoy films and entertainment in the lounge area.

The new Ostend Spirit is a rapid and up-to-date ferry. Fitted with stabilizers, it provides optimal comfort whatever the sailing conditions. It can reach speeds of up to 21 knots and has a capacity of 1850 passengers, 250 cars and 75 lorries.

The new agreement between Transeuropa Ferries and LD Lines means the majority of Transuropa's passenger services will be offered onboard the Ostend Spirit Passenger vessel.