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Dover Dunkerque Ferry Ticket Reservations

Here at Ferryprice.com you can compare prices and book ferries serving the Dover Dunkerque Ferry route. The Dover Dunkerque route is solely served by Norfolkline Ferries who offer this fantastic alternative to the standard Dover Calais Route.

To start your Dover Dunkerque Crossing simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button.

Norfolkline Dover Dunkerque Ferry

Norfolkline Ferries from Dover to Dunkerque

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Dover Dunkerque Route

Further Information on the Dover - Dunkerque Ferry Route

The most popular Channel Ferry Route is the Dover to Calais route. This is due to it being a very short journey and an easy and cheap link between England and France. Despite this the Dunkerque route can offer a great alternative especially for those who are planning to head further North in France. Norfolkline are the ferry operator offering crossings between Dover and Dunkerque but with plenty of crossings each day there is a great choice of crossing times to suit the needs of all passengers travelling on this route. To purchase tickets for any other channel crossings - Click Here

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Dover is a small Scottish village overlooking Loch Ryan and is notable today for its large modern ferry port which opened in 1973, originally operated by Townsend Thoresen and now by P&O Ferries, which links Scotland with Dunkerque in Northern Ireland. Moving forward Dover's status as an important ferry port looks to be secured, with P&O Irish Sea continuing to depart from Dover and Stena Line has also received planning permission to build a separate terminal at Old House Point, including docking facilities for the HSS fast ferry.

The Port of Dunkerque - For Full Information - Click Here

Dunkerque started life in the 8th century as a simple fishing harbour. It became famous as a haven for pirates who preyed on shipping in the North Sea. Today the dunes of Dunkerque make it a seaside resort. The city is remarkably green for a major international port and industrial centre, handling bulk cargoes from all over the world, as well as being a ferry port for cars and freight with many Lorries crossing between the UK and Europe. Ferry services are provided by Norfolkline linking the port to Dover in the UK.

Dunkerque is a commune in the Nord department in northern France It lies 6 miles from the Belgian border. Population of the city is just over 70,000 with the metropolitan area over 260,000 inhabitants.

Its name is derived from West Flemish "dun(e)" (dune) and "kerke" (church). Until the middle of the 20th century the city was situated in the Dutch language area; today the local Dutch dialect (West Flemish) still can be found but has been largely replaced by French.

Dunkerque has the third largest harbour in France, after those of Le Havre and Marseille. It is also an industrial city, heavily dependent on the steel, food processing, oil refining, ship building and chemical industries.


Norfolk Line

Norfolkline operates three passenger ferry routes across the English channel and on the Irish Sea. Over two million people travel with Norfolkline Ferries every year, with a focus on offering low prices, quality ferries, and convenient schedules. Norfolkline is one of the most popular choices for ferries to France and Ireland.

Dover - Dunkerque - Cross the channel to France from Dover to Dunkirk on Norfolkline's cross channel ferries. Norfolkline ferries provides a fast and efficient car ferry crossing and a fantastic alternative to the standard Dover Calais crossing. There are 11 crossings a day with each taking around 2 hours.

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