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Try our new tool to find the cheapest ferry crossing for any type of ferry route. Whether you're looking for a cheap channel crossing, a ferry to the Isle of Wight or even a long distance ferry to Spain or Holland by using our new comparison tool you can find all available routes, services and times helping you to find the perfect ferry ticket for your journey, getting the best ferry price and not paying more than you have to.

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Find cheap ferry tickets the easy way with the ferry search and compare tool online at Ferry Price. Using the search facility above you can search and compare routes broken down in to 46 search brackets (12 of which offering UK departures) resulting in an easy to view comparison of all ferry routes, services and operators offering suitable results for your given search parameters. Search for ferry services using the following breakdowns;

Dover UK Departures to France / France Departures to Dover UK

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Dover is by far the UK's largest port and to reflect this offers numerous ferry crossings across the channel to France. Along with the Dover Calais operations of P&O Ferries and Sea France, Dover services are also offered from Norfolkline to Dunkerque and LD Lines to Boulogne. Despite the route between Dover and Calais being the shortest this does not necessarily mean it is the cheapest. In addition to ferry services the Eurotunnel service is also included within this comparison group. Use our comparison tool to find out which service is the best for!

NON Dover UK Departures to France / France Departures to NON Dover UK

There are many alternative options for taking the ferry to France other then just the Dover departures. Search for NON Dover routes to France and compare services. Services include LD Lines operations between Newhaven - Dieppe and Portsmouth - Le Havre, the Transmanche Ferries services between Newhaven - Dieppe, the Condor Ferries services between Portsmouth - Cherbourg and the Poole - St Malo and also 4 Brittany Ferries routes; Poole - Cherbourg, Portsmouth - Cherbourg, Portsmouth - Caen and Portsmouth - St Malo.

UK Departures to Northern Ireland / Northern Ireland Departures to UK

There are a number of services offering routes between mainland UK and Northern Ireland, some depart from England (Usually from the port of Fleetwood) and some from Scotland. Choose from services offered by P&O Irish Sea, Stena Line or Norfolkline. Routes include; Stranraer to Belfast, Cairnryan to Larne, Troon to Larne, Fleetwood to Larne and Liverpool (Birkenhead) to Belfast.

UK Departures to Dublin Ireland / Dublin Ireland Departures to UK

Being Ireland's capital city and most popular tourist destination by far it is easy to see why ferry services to Dublin are so popular. When searching for routes between the UK and Dublin services to Dun Laoghaire are also included due to the close proximity to Dublin Port. The most popular route is between the Welsh Port of Holyhead and Dublin which is served by both Irish Ferries and Stena Line. There is also the P&O Irish Sea service departing from Liverpool and a service by Norfolkline departing from Liverpool Birkenhead.

UK Departures to Southern Ireland / Southern Ireland Departures to UK

All services to Ireland other than Dublin a located South of the Capital's port. Services are offered by 3 ferry companies; Irish Ferries, Stena Line and Fastnet Line. Choose from services between Pembroke - Rosslare, Fishguard - Rosslare and the new Swansea - Cork Ferry.

UK Departures to Isle of Wight / Isle of Wight Departures to UK

Services to the Isle of Wight are frequent with the choice of car ferry and high speed catamarans for foot passengers only. The main operator is Wightlink offering a choice of three routes (Portsmouth - Fishbourne, Portsmouth - Ryde & Lymington - Yarmouth whilst there is also the Hovertravel services operating between Southsea and Ryde.

UK Departures to Spain / Spain Departures to UK

Travelling to Spain by ferry offers a fantastic alternative to flying with no luggage restrictions and an enjoyable cruise to your destination onboard high spec cruise ferries. Compare services from Brittany Ferries who offer services from Portsmouth or Plymouth to Santander or the P&O Ferries service to Bilbao.

UK Departures to Isle of Man / Isle of Man Departures to UK

Compare the services to the Isle of Man offered by the Isle of Man Steam packet Company with departures from Liverpool, Liverpool Birkenhead and Heysham.

UK Departures to Guernsey / Guernsey Departures to UK

Services to Guernsey are offered by the Channel Island specialist, Condor Ferries. The compare tool is best used on the route to compare the condor Ferries services departing from 3 south cost ports; Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth.

UK Departures to Jersey / Jersey Departures to UK

As with services to Guernsey, services to Jersey are offered by the Channel Island specialist, Condor Ferries. The compare tool is best used on the route to compare the condor Ferries services departing from 3 south cost ports; Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth.

UK Departures to Holland / Holland Departures to UK

Search and compare a number of excellent ferry links to Holland offered by some of Europe's top ferry operators. Services operate between Harwich - Hook of Holland (Stena Line), Hull - Rotterdam Europort (P&O Ferries) and Newcastle to IJmuiden/Amsterdam (DFDS Seaways). To assist you in this comparison we also pull the routes offered to neighboring Belgium including Ramsgate - Ostend (Transeuropa Ferries), Hull - Zeebrugge (P&O Ferries) and Rosyth in Scotland to Zeebrugge (Norfolkline)

UK Departures to Orkney Islands / Orkney Islands Departures to UK

Use this route comparison to compare Northlink Ferries services including Scrabster to Stromness and Aberdeen to Kirkwall and the Pentland Ferries service between Gills Bay and St Margarets Hope.