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P&O Irish Sea Ferries

To book your P&O Irish Sea ferry ticket simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the date selection page where you can obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

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P&O Irish Sea Ferry Tickets - Check Prices and Book Online

P&O Irish Sea part of the P&O Ferries network, one of the worlds largest ferry operators. Choose from a selection of Irish Sea routes including Liverpool - Dublin, Troon - Larne and Cairnryan - Larne. P&O Irish Sea currently operates a fleet of 4 conventional ships and one fast ferry between Great Britain and Ireland.

Both the High Speed and the standard ferry services offer high levels of facilities and services ensuring no matter which route you take a crossing with P&O Irish Sea is always a pleasant one.


P&O Irish Sea - Further Information on P&O Irish Ferry Services

P&O Irish Sea is a constituent company of P&O. This sector of P&O is registered as based in Dover, Kent. P&O also operate a number of routes in the English Channel and North Sea and trade under the name P&O Ferries.

P&O Irish Sea was formed in 1998 following the merger of the Cairnryan based services of P&O European Ferries and Pandoro Ltd, who operated routes between England, Scotland and France to Ireland.

The following year, the new P&O Irish Sea announced its intentions to purchase a purpose built Ro-Pax from Mitsubishi of Japan for the Liverpool to Dublin route. This would see the transfer of the European Leader to the Fleetwood route.

In 2004 P&O closed its Fleetwood - Larne services with a sale of all interests to Stena Line. In addition to the service rights, European Leader, European Pioneer and European Seafarer were also sold to Stena Line. At the same time, P&O announced the closure of the Mostyn - Dublin service due to low passenger numbers, this subsequently led to the sale of European Ambassador and European Envoy for further service in Europe.

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P&O Irish Sea - Current Routes

Larne - Cairnryan - The service between Larne in Northern Ireland and Cairnryan in Scotland is operated by Conventional Ferries all year round with additional high speed ferry service operating between Spring and Autumn.

Larne - Troon - The service between the Northern Irish port of Larne and Troon in Scotland again offers a Conventional Ferry service all year round with a fast craft service from Spring to Autumn.

Dublin - Liverpool - The service between Liverpool, England and Dublin in Ireland is operated by conventional ferry services all year round.

P&O Irish Sea - Current Fleet

European Highlander: Cairnryan - Larne, All Year Round
European Causeway: Cairnryan - Larne, All Year Round
Express: Cairnryan - Larne & Troon - Larne, Seasonal Service between Spring and Autumn
Norbay: Liverpool - Dublin, All Year Round
Norbank: Liverpool - Dublin, All Year Round

P&O Irish Sea - Related and Alternative Ferry Companies

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